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9 April 2010 in Cigar Shops

So here I am in San Diego again (yeah I know poor Me) and I found another shop to write about. The company I am working for put me in a hotel off the beaten path so I am glad I found it.
I’m sitting at Excalibur Cigar and Hookah bar 3858 5th Ave. San Diego. It’s a really nice shop with plenty of seating and a seperate lounge area for hookahs. It’s a little hard to find you have to go through an iron gate and down an alley past a hair salon. Their selection is a bit limited but the prices aren’t bad. I picked out a Perdomo Grand Cru and I am pleasantly surprised. It is a great smoke medium to full body with a nice earthy and spice flavor to it. Sorry this is a shop review not a cigar review. Anyway Matt who runs the shop is really cool and a fellow Jersey boy so we got to talking about living in New Jersey and our old Manhattan stomping grounds. It kinda made me miss it but then I thought about wearing shorts in December and got over that quick. He is very knowledgeable about cigars and reccomended some cigars to try. Of course I can’t remember any of them so I have to ask him again and actually write it down this time.
Well I’ve been kind of a slacker. I’m almost done with my trip here and now I am finishing the review.
They have a large table in the shop that you can book for poker games and meetings. They also let you order or bring in food. The hookah lounge is big with plenty of seating and some very ineresting tobacco blends and combination that all smell really good. On a busy night Matt doesn’t stop running. He is either making hookahs, cleaning or making sure they stay lit.
Saturday is my last night here and I have been eyeballing the Padilla Miami so I think I’m going to treat myself to it to celebrate another show done. Did I mention that he has beer, wine, and port all for pretty decent price.
Well that’s it for this one. If you find yourself in the Hillcrest area of San Diego stop on in and check it out and say Hi to Matt and sit down for a smoke.
My next stop in Phoenix next week and then New Orleans the week after that. So as usual if you have any comments,reccomendations on shops,cigars or just want to meet for a smoke drop me a line at Sean@lasvegashtv.

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9 April 2010 Cigar Shops

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